Some Apple laptops banned from airline flights for fire risk

Some Apple laptops banned from airline flights for fire risk

Apple laptops


WASHINGTON: Federal security officials have banned some of Apple’s laptop airline flights after Apple’s batteries were recalled because they could catch fire.

The Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement Wednesday that it warned Apple Airlines last month about adding batteries to Apple MacBook Pro laptops.

Apple laptops

Under FAA policy, certain potentially hazardous items, including lithium batteries, cannot be taken on board or placed in inspection equipment if they are under a safety note.

This equipment should be repaired, replaced, or secured by a manufacturer-approved method before boarding.

On its website, Apple says a “limited number” of 15-inch MacBook Pros has been mostly sold between September 2015 and February 2017, and there are batteries that can overheat and pose a fire risk. ۔ Apple says it’s replacing the affected batteries for free. Apple laptops.


iPhone XR takes Apple to top spot in Indian premium segment

New Delhi: Riding on huge promotional offers, especially on the iPhone XR, Apple has taken the first position in the premium smartphone segment in India in the second quarter (Q2) of this year and it has a festive quarter. You should expect your position to solidify as the inch draws closer.

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), in terms of premiums ($ 500 or $ 35,000 and above), Apple has improved Samsung to a leadership position, with 41.2% of the total share in 2Q19.

Demand for the iPhone XR saw a rise in prices and helped with heavy promotional activities.
Osana Joshi, Associate Research Manager for Client Devices at IDC India,

stated, “Until the last quarter (1Q19), Apple’s portfolio was largely driven by older generation models (non-X series), About 70% of the shipment. ” IANS on Wednesday

That said, with prices dropping, the whole trend changed, with only the iPhone XR accounting for over 55% of Apple’s total shipments in 2Q19.

While Tim Cook announced that the iPhone earned $ 26 billion in revenue for the company ending June 29, $ 12 billion – down 12 percent from the June quarter last year.
India has actually seen a 19% increase (year over year), according to an earlier Counterpoint Research report, delivering promotional offers and discounted shipments from the IPP Campentino-based giant.

India returned to Apple’s basket with strong double-digit growth. Apple’s CEO told analysts during the earnings call, “India bounced back. During the quarter, we were back in growth.

We’re more than happy with it,” Apple’s CEO said of earnings call.

Told analysts during the meeting.

Apple’s return to India comes at a time when the company is reportedly ready to launch the top end iPhone XS and iPhone XR smartphones in the country with its supplier Foxconn. Apple started assembling the iPhone 7 in Bangalore in April at the convenience of its supplier Westran.


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