Corruption In Pakistan. 2018.’Corruption’ and ‘accountability’ were the buzzwords of 2018 in Pakistan.

Corruption In Pakistan


In this article we are going to discuss Corruption In Pakistan. Financial scandal news began this year as anti-corruption watchdogs deepened the alleged illegal acts by public servants, politicians and even retired military officials.

Old files – more than a decade old – were torn open, with wheels mounted behind bars to send bug wigs. At least three former prime ministers appeared in the courts in corruption cases, while the opposition leader of the nominee was taken into custody.

During the half-year, when efforts were made to free the country from corruption, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) won the July 25 elections and countered it even more.

However, the accounting process didn’t work out well with everyone. Since many of the suspects belonged to the political parties now in opposition, the PTI and anti-corruption bodies were accused of ‘electoral accountability’.

As 2018 draws to a close, has compiled a list of the biggest corruption stories that have dominated the headlines over the past year – and in some cases will continue to do so in 2019.

1. Nawaz Shareef found guilty in two corruption references.

Nawaz Sharif’s accountability family started with the Panama Gate decision last year, in the form of decisions announced by the Accountability Court in all three corruption references filed by the former Prime Minister and the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) against him.

Just weeks before the general election, Nawaz was sentenced July 6 in the Evanfield property case.

The PML-N supremo was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for possessing assets beyond known income while his daughter Maryam Nawaz was sentenced to seven years in prison on corruption charges. Maryam’s husband, retired Captain Mohammad Safdar, was also jailed for one year for non-cooperation with the NAB and for abusing his wife and father-in-law.

The caretaker of the former prime minister, Kulsoom Nawaz, was taken into custody, while the former prime minister’s wife, Kulsoom Nawaz, was pronounced guilty of absenteeism. ۔

The father and daughter were arrested on July 13 as they stepped off the plane when they returned to Lahore, where they were shifted to Adiala Jail.

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The Islamabad High Court granted bail in September after the three criminals were suspended.

However, Nawaz faced another sentence in December by the Accountability Court. This time he was re-jailed for reference to corruption by Al-Azizia Steel Mills. The court found him guilty of possessing assets beyond his means, under which he was fined Rs 7.5 billion and fined US $ 2.5 million.

Al-Azizia’s decision is ‘another seal on Nawaz Sharif’s integrity’: Maryam Nawaz.

Immediately after the announcement of the decision. Later, Nawaz was taken into custody by the court and transferred to Adiala Jail. The next day, he was shifted to Lahore’s Kot Lakhpat jail at the request of his lawyer, Khawaja Haris.

The three-time former Prime Minister was acquitted in the third reference to flagship investment. The NAB has announced that it will challenge Britain.

2.NAB arrests Shahbaz Shareef in Ashiana Iqbal Scheme. Corruption In Pakistan.

The younger Sharif, the president of the PML-N and a prominent member of the opposition in parliament, was nominated by the NAB in an Aushan Iqbal Housing Society corruption case worth Rs 14 billion in October.

News of his arrest was broken 40 minutes after the watchman arrived at the Lahore office. The PML-N, however, screamed, saying that Shahbaz had appeared before the NAB in connection with the Clean Water case – not the Asian Iqbal scam. Party members accuse the government of seeking political revenge, with Shahbaz blasting the ‘disappointing alliance of NAB and PTI’ on the floor of the National Assembly.

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Ahadia Cheema, former head of the Lahore Development Authority, and former prime minister Fawad Hassan Fawad, along with other prominent personalities, were arrested following Shahbaz’s arrest in the Asehiana case.

Although the residential scheme was criticized in early 2011 due to its unusual circumstances and problems with booking plots, corruption charges were not exposed until December 2017. NAB unlawfully identified a land deal between Paragon Housing Society and the Punjab Land Development Company (PLDC) and summoned Cheema. The former LDA chief recorded his statement in the case, after which the NAB summoned Shahbaz for further questioning in January, 2018.

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Shahbaz is currently in Islamabad, where his house has been declared a sub-jail. The arrangement was made after Speaker of the National Assembly Asad Qaiser issued a production order so that Shahbaz could attend the meetings of the parliament.

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